Tarik Ediz: Fresh off the Runway


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Do you have your heart set on an Instagram famous gown and can’t find anything similar or as amazing? Do you have a prom, military ball, pageant, or black tie formal wedding this year? Every prom girl or glamorous woman with an upcoming event is in the same situation. Most likely, the gown is a custom couture evening gown or you find something you could potentially like, but the risk of poor quality or bad fit is too high. Don’t worry: Prevue has found your dream dress by Tarik Ediz!


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Unique and Different

The prom dresses and evening gowns saved in your phone are usually high-end brands and custom couture pieces. What makes these dresses different than the mainstream brands? The immediate answer is…the WOW! factor. The bold ball gowns dripping in glitter or the dare to be bare sheer nude lace styles have us all searching for something new. You can find endless options of these styles in the new Tarik Ediz line– straight from the runway.

Trending now in the couture evening gown world is iridescent glitter fabric, which comes in all shades and colors. Tarik Ediz brings on the bling in ball gown styles with a portrait shoulder neckline fit for a princess.

Tarik Ediz Prom 50540Tarik Ediz 50540

The European trend of a sheer lace bodice debuted this past year in bridal gowns. Now, we see these bodices decorated by 3D lace and nude lining in beautiful colors for prom dresses and evening gowns. Over the top? Why not!

Tarik Ediz Prom 50405Tarik Ediz Prom 50405

Bringing it back: the reinvented corset back utilizes the lace up ties for a tight fit but allows for low back dresses. The combination of this skinny lace up string to pull the bust and waist tight lets you feel snatched and daring as you make your grand entrance.

Tarik Ediz Prom 93681Tarik Ediz Prom 93681

Evening Gowns

Do you have an event to go to but can’t find a dress that is glamorous enough? Tarik Ediz specializes in evening gowns that are classically chic but trendsetting and edgey. Are you going to the military ball? Are you invited to an evening black tie wedding? Are you a young mother of the bride? Competing in a Miss USA Pageant? There are women everywhere searching for a haute couture gown that is more elaborate and Tarik Ediz is the answer. We promise you, these gowns will make you wish you had more events to attend!


Tarik Ediz understands fit… but more importantly, they know our womanly figures are not prom dress ready. The long sleeve evening gowns adorned in sheer lace can have you looking delicate and elegant, but feeling comfortably covered. The shape wear built in to the waist and hips will give Beyonce vibes at an affordable evening gown price. Prevue proudly stocks Tarik Ediz gowns in all sizes so every woman can feel the magic of being a queen for a night.

Tarik Ediz 93669Tarik Ediz 93669

Understated Glam? We have you covered. Tarik Ediz specializes in sleek and chic fitted gowns that look like a hotter version of your LBD at home. You can turn heads and show off your figure in these old Hollywood necklines with bodycon structure.

Tarik Ediz Prom 93636Tarik Ediz Prom 93636

Shop Now!

Tarik Ediz is making a huge statement at Prevue with couture designs from Istanbul Turkey at a price point that makes your dream dress a reality. Prevue has a large selection in store for customers who can shop the racks but can also ship your dress out of state or international! Do not let your hesitation of quality or fit hold you back from making a statement at your next event. A Prevue stylist can help guide you into the style and size that is best suitable for your event with a quick text, phone call, or email. With Tarik Ediz you guarantee to turn heads as you walk in the room and when you want different, no one can match Tarik Ediz’s trend setting style.

Finding Your Perfect Pageant Dress for the Miss USA Pageant System

Selecting the perfect pageant dress can be a stressful process, but let Prevue make it an exciting and a smooth experience with our dream team of consultants! The Prevue team is known for creating custom pageant gowns and assisting girls in their dream to take home the crown. With over 30 years of experience in evening gowns, Prevue has dressed titleholders in many major state, national, and world pageants.

Prevue will personally guide you to the perfect gown for every level, in any pageant system. Knowing Prevue’s reputation for unique gowns and fashion forward styles, pageant contestants have traveled from all over the country to try on an exclusive collection of custom designs by Sherri Hill and Jovani. To give your look a finished touch, complete your style with gorgeous earrings by Stefanie Somers.

When doing research for your crowning pageant gown, you might want to consider a unique, yet winning look. You want to find a gown that can stun the judges but continues to portray your personality, so you are consistently yourself throughout pageant weekend. Always remember that feeling confident and beautiful in your pageant gown is far more important than any style trend or opinion of another person.

While you can’t outsmart the judges or other contestants, you can use your resources to find the perfect color, fabric, style, and accessories. Use guidelines as to what is trending in the pageant world and study the “top five” gowns in different states in your pageant system. Because of Prevue’s stature in the pageant world, pageant designers are constantly creating beautiful new custom pieces for Prevue, which means you’ll never have to worry about duplicates. The styles are always fashion forward and unique, yet classically elegant – a truly winning combination as shown by our successful titleholders!


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The personalized touch of Prevue’s appointments is a key part of choosing the right gown. When you schedule a one-on-one dress fitting, you will meet with Caitlin in our couture showroom that highlights exclusive styles and the most couture pieces in stock on the West Coast. Throughout the year, there are exciting opportunities at different times to schedule an appointment at the Sherri Hill Headquarters in Austin with Prevue. You can also book a private appointment at the pageant market held in Atlanta in January and August for designers such as Sherri Hill, Jovani, and MacDuggal. This kind of service is what leads Prevue’s customers to their dream of competing at nationals! The style and design experts at Prevue have years of experience helping pageant contestants choose winning gowns and we are ready to help you on your journey to the crown.


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If you are competing in California, Prevue is the Official Evening Gown Sponsor for both the Miss CA and Miss Teen CA USA pageant. We provide the state titleholders with their gowns for the national pageant as well as appearance gowns and cocktail dresses for every event in their busy schedule throughout the year. Prevue will also personally accompany the state titleholders to their gown appointment for nationals with Sherri Hill. While at the Sherri Hill showroom in Austin, Texas, the Miss CA titleholders will have their gowns custom sketched for the national pageants. Winners will also have the opportunity to model for Prevue throughout the year and have been booked for Sherri Hill’s exclusive New York Fashion Week runway show through Prevue. You will also get an exclusive invite to attend the Miss Universe Watch Party hosted by Sherri Hill in Austin, Texas. If you are considering competing in California, you don’t want to miss your chance at this amazing opportunity!


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Prevue’s favorite design guru, Sherri Hill, is renowned throughout the pageant world for show stopping, high fashion designs. During New York Fashion Week, the Sherri Hill runway show is THE place to find the hottest trends in pageant wear. These gowns offer a glimpse into red carpet styles that celebrities will wear to awards shows and formal events. Sherri Hill designs are sold at a very limited number of stores around the country, and Prevue is very proud to be one of those exclusive venues to showcase these gorgeous gowns. Prevue is the largest store offering the Sherri Hill Couture line, and the only one on the West Coast. This hugely successful partnership between Sherri Hill and Prevue has seen a large number of winners at Miss USA, Miss America, Miss United States, and International Junior Miss, just to name a few.

Whether this is your first pageant or you have been visiting the team Prevue for years, you are probably feeling the pressure to pick the perfect dress! Prevue is here to help and guide you through this process, which puts you in a much better position to make the right choice. For the winning combination of stunning designs, fabulous accessories, and a special touch of personalized advice and service, look no further than Prevue. We truly understand the pageant system when it comes to gowns, and we will be with you every step of the way on the journey to win your next pageant. Make an appointment today to shop our selection!

Choose the PERFECT Prom Dress in 7 Steps

Your prom dress needs to be a showstopper, and you’re probably feeling the pressure! Luckily, choosing the perfect gown isn’t as hard as you might think.

choose the perfect prom dress

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1. Buy for your body

Whether you’re dreaming of a gown that glitters or you’re searching for a sleek, figure-hugging dress, start by shopping silhouettes that enhance your favorite features.

2. Know the school rules

Strapless styles, low back cuts, and slits may be trending, but don’t risk getting turned away at the door in a gown that’s too revealing for school.

3. Don’t forget your accessories

Keep your eyes open for jewelry and other accessories that will take your look from gorgeous to all-out glam. Find inspiration on your favorite celebrities and try on what your stylist suggests.

4. Think about the theme

Your prom’s theme may inspire you to try on unexpected dresses, but don’t feel like you have to choose a theme-inspired dress.

5. Shop your colors

You’ll definitely stun on prom night when you shop dresses in the hues that make you look and feel like an A-lister.

6. Avoid wardrobe malfunctions

A Red Carpet gown is not always functional… the perfect prom dress is danceable! This will be one of the biggest nights of your life, and you should be confident and comfortable.

7. Be beautifully you

You know your vibe better than anyone. Are you edgy but glam? Do you prefer sparkle like a princess? Is your style minimalist… or extra? Don’t worry about what’s trending; shop whatever makes you feel gorgeous!

Finally, remember that finding the perfect prom dress takes time, but when jaws drop as you make your entrance, you’ll know the search was worth it.

Find your Dream Quinceanera Dress at Prevue!

Not only does Prevue Formal & Bridal specialize in gorgeous pageant and bridal gowns, we also have an amazing selection of Quinceanera dresses by top designers. Madeline Gardner leads the industry with her trending styles and high quality gowns in her collection, Morilee Vizcaya, which Prevue proudly stocks the largest selection in the United States.  For 15-year-old girls in Latin American cultures, a quinceanera is their once-in-a-lifetime event that celebrates their blossoming into beautiful and confident young women. If you’re getting ready for your quinceanera, remember: this is your moment to shine, which is why the dress is EVERYTHING! Whether your style is romantic and traditional or modern, red carpet glam, the style consultants at Prevue know all the tips and tricks for finding the perfect dress.

Do Your Research

If you’re not sure what kind of quinceanera look is right for you, Instagram is a great source of inspiration. A main hub for fashion bloggers, social media influencers, and top designers, Instagram has anything and everything you could imagine when it comes to quinceanera dresses. You also want a gown that looks amazing in pics, so if it looks gorgeous on your Instagram feed, that’s definitely a good sign.

Choose the Best Color for your Skin Tone

Another key decision in a quinceanera dress is the color, especially since certain hues complement different skin tones. For Cristina Ehrlich, Hollywood’s most powerful stylist, her approach to style centers around color: “Color is the number one most important thing to me when it comes to styling…The first thing I do with a new client is study their skin tone and figure out what’s going to look best.”

If this is your first evening gown, consider the trending colors and how it will contrast with your skin tone: top colors this season are blush, rose gold, and Cinderella blue. Also, if you have very fair to light skin, dark neutral shades, pastels, and jewel tones are all flattering colors. Alternatively, people with medium to dark skin can wear bright and bold colors for a stunning contrast that glows from head to toe.

When you go for your dress fitting, try on gowns in different colors and then decide which ones look the best. It also would be helpful to see how you look in photos, so take a few pics and notice which dresses make an impact. You’ll know right away if it works for you or not.

A Comfortable and Flattering Fit

When it comes to fashion, making a statement is everything, especially at an event like your quinceanera. When you go dress shopping, look for quality gowns made by top brands like Morilee; these dresses are expertly stitched for the most comfortable and shapely fit. If you’re looking for a touch of couture glam, the style consultants at Prevue can also help arrange for your gown to have custom alterations on the neckline or bodice.

Choose your Accessories

Since most quinceanera dresses have full ball gowns, your shoes will only peek out from your dress. Look for a subtle style that accents your overall look. It could also match the accents on your bodice, like rhinestone embroidery for a touch of head-to-toe sparkle. Or, add the sleek effect of understated elegance with pumps that match the color of your dress.

A classic accessory for quinceaneras, tiaras can be the final touch for over the top sparkle. If the bodice of your dress has rhinestones and embroidery, tiaras add even more wow factor to your overall look. Comfort is key to looking and feeling beautiful and confident. Make sure the tiara isn’t too heavy and can stay in place while you dance the night away. This accessory should be comfortable enough to wear for several hours so ask your stylist to show you different shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit.

The Latest Trends in Quinceanera Gowns

All-Over Glitter

Find your Dream Quinceanera Dress at PreVue!

Following the latest celebrity looks, rhinestone bodices and glitter gowns are an on-trend way to glam up your look and highlight your figure. An exquisitely detailed gown from the Vizcaya Quinceanera collection by Morilee, the glitter patterned fabric gives you top to bottom sparkle while the pearl detail and matching bolero cape adds a touch of high fashion glamour.

Layered Skirts

Find your Dream Quinceanera Dress at PreVue!

A timeless quinceanera trend season after season is a ball gown. You’ll feel like royalty in voluminous ruffles that cascade in a range of luscious patterns. If you’re going for the traditional princess style, you’ll love the exquisite details and regal silhouettes of the Vizcaya Quinceanera collection by Morilee, the ultimate in luxury.

An enduring quinceanera look that never goes out of style, layers of tulle add a substantial amount of volume to a classic ball gown. Included in the exclusive collection of Vizcaya Quinceanera by Morilee, the ball gown with layered tulle evokes the traditional style of Cinderella but with a modern update. For a fifteen-year-old girl blossoming into a young woman, looking and feeling like a fairytale princess is the ultimate dream come true.

Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Find your Dream Quinceanera Dress at PreVue!

The latest trend in formal wear is off-the-shoulder sleeves, a favorite old Hollywood look for celebrities and pageant contestants. Beaded lace and embroidered organza fabrics drape off the shoulders and accent the feminie collar and jewelry pieces. Your stylist can accessorize your look with delicate earrings and a tear drop necklace.

Lace Sleeves

Find your Dream Quinceanera Dress at PreVue!

When it comes to popular quinceanera dresses, you’ll find no shortage of ruffled ball gowns, but if you want to stand out at your event, lace sleeves add a hint of grandeur and elegance. In the ultimate combination of modern luxe and classic romance, long sleeves with open shoulders are the fashion obsession of the season.


Find your Dream Quinceanera Dress at PreVue!

For an ultra glam look, the ball gown with feather hem detail is perfect for giving you a dreamy and ethereal quinceanera style. The rhinestone-embroidered bodice completes the silhouette with a couture resemblance to classic Hollywood glamour.

An extraordinary event like your quinceanera calls for an extraordinary dress, so make a dramatic fashion statement in a gorgeous gown from Prevue, the largest bridal and formal wear store on the West Coast.

Our Favorite Jovani Trends of 2018

This season’s Jovani dresses are ready for the red carpet, all because their timeless collection of dresses that have something for everybody—from flirty cocktail party dresses to ultra glam formal gowns that lock all eyes on you. Check out these on-trend looks from the 2018 Jovani collection:

Our Favorite Jovani Trends of 2018

Romantic, Dreamy, or SHOWSTOPPER – the Choice Is Yours

Jovani dresses pair flattering silhouettes with unexpected details like iridescent fabric, big bold ruffles, dramatic prints, and feather sweep trains for a head turning entrance. Jovani has something for every woman, whether it is a glitter showstopper or a LBD for date night or a holiday party.

 Jovani’s designer Julie gets her inspiration from the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York. She is constantly traveling for ideas for her sketches and handpicking new fabric from around the world. This season, Julie has created a collection of Jovani gowns for any style you are ready to rock, including mermaid dresses, dreamy ball gowns, and body-hugging slit sheaths.

Are you walking the red carpet or dancing the night away at prom? Presenting at a charity event or invited to the military ball? Whatever the event, Jovani gowns are the perfect pick. Thanks to unique fabrics, bold detailing, and sparkly embellishments, they’re fashion-forward enough for elite fashionistas … but also elegant enough for a woman whose personal style has been shaped by classic Hollywood. In a Jovani gown, all eyes will be on you from your grand entrance to the last dance.

Our Favorite Jovani Trends of 2018

Dress to Impress at Homecoming and Winter Formal

Sometimes turning heads is about finding the perfect combo of sophisticated and semi-formal. Just ask the numerous celebrities that have been spotted wearing Jovani dresses to the recent AMA’s and Oscar’s after party! Julie designs cocktail dresses for the flashy bling girl and the edgy sleek woman. Whether it’s a Vegas theme or LBD attire, the Jovani collection has the dress for you.

Our Favorite Jovani Trends of 2018

Find the Perfect Jovani Gown

Are you ready to find your dream dress? Gather your girlfriends and make formal dress shopping a girls day. Whether you’ve spent hours on Instagram or haven’t looked at a single gown, you will be sure to find what’s perfectly you—go and rock it on the red carpet! With the support of your besties and the experienced staff at PreVue, get ready to leave our showroom with the dress of your dreams. The largest formal wear store on the West Coast, our mega-store is stocked with thousands of gowns, including a handpicked selection of Jovani prom dresses. Book an appointment with one of our style consultants today and be prepared to say YES to the dress!

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

Falling in love with this season’s hottest styles: off shoulder ball gowns, detailed lace trains, body-hugging silhouettes, and sheer lace fabrics.

Extended Lace Trains

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

This season, designers are shaking things up with dramatic details like extended trains in intricate floral lace. With a 3 to 5 ft train trailing behind you, get ready for an epic fashion statement when you walk down the aisle. Breaking the traditional mold, brides are opting for sexy fitted gowns in tight stretch fabrics with extended sheer trains.

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

The beautiful soft lace and dramatic train offset the daring low back and body contouring silhouette. Are you looking for a more classic style with a glamorous edge? These extended trains are now available on ball gowns, adding even more royalty vibes on your big day. Imagine the feminine and romantic lace cascading down a staircase or draped elegantly in the front as an eye-catching focal point of your photos. These trains are a photographer’s dream! The PreVue girls brought these styles straight from the runway so you can say Yes! to dress at PreVue.

Sheer Legs and Slits

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

Lace ball gowns and sheath silhouettes are classic bridal designs reinvented each season with new patterns and fabrics. This year, designers are upping the glam factor with a combo of daring skin reveals on these classic silhouettes. On the runway, bridal faves like sheath silhouettes and romantic ball gowns are getting a modern update with high cut slits and sheer fabric.

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

You can dare to be bare as you walk down the aisle with high slits and sheer lace. For the sophisticated bride looking for a more modern look, these contemporary gowns are a blissful union of runway trends and timeless styles. If you’re looking for a dress with an attention-grabbing look, a high cut slit is perfect for giving your wedding style a hint of high fashion couture.

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

Off Shoulder

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

Thanks to the lasting influence of Meghan Markle’s gorgeous wedding gown, off-the-shoulder necklines are here to stay! And that’s a good thing, especially with its versatility and endless mix and match potential for designers. With just the right amount of coverage on the neckline, off-shoulder styles bring a touch of elegance to popular wedding silhouettes such as mermaid, trumpet, sheath, and ball gown. With this elegant and understated design, you can choose a sleek and minimalist gown like a structured sheath free of embellishments. Or you can go all the way, Hollywood style, including glittery beading on the bodice and a coordinating train.

Long Sleeve

The Top Wedding Dress Trends this Fall

Another look that’s gracing the bridal runways, long sleeves are perfect for adding drama to simple dresses. Taking a cue from Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton, it’s a timeless style fit for a queen! For the winter bride, long sleeves in sheer floral lace provide extra warmth and coverage while also highlighting delicate and feminine arms. But if you’re not looking for a modest princess-cut gown, designers are committed to bringing modern touches to traditional long sleeves. If you want a whimsical boho look, bell sleeves are perfect for giving you a unique wedding style that sets you apart. Sleeves are timeless and romantic on any style, regardless of your wedding theme or gown shape.

Extravagant Custom Veils

From celebrity weddings to bridal fashion shows, veils are getting the royal treatment with intricate details that are custom designed to match the gown. Another chance for brides to go all out on their wedding day, these elaborate veils are designed to enhance your bridal gown even more. For the modern bride, a customized veil gives this classic accessory a couture twist, which adds another layer of show stopping drama and romance. According to Libby MacCarthy, fashion editor at The Knot, “A veil is the finishing touch to any bridal look, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make a style statement all your own.” For the bride who wants to get noticed, get ready to be the center of attention with a statement-making cathedral-length veil adorned with dazzling embellishments or floral lace appliqués that coordinate with your dress.


With an eclectic mash-up of classic designs and modern, high fashion accents, bridal gown designers are creating collections that appeal to all types of brides this season. Prevue is committed to having the newest trends so you can find your dream dress as soon as you say Yes! to your forever.

Choosing Your Perfect Homecoming Dress

Bring your bling, glitz, and glamour to homecoming with these absolutely gorgeous new trends. Today’s homecoming dress bears little resemblance to the fluffy, frilly gowns of the past. These days, high school homecoming dresses are bold, daring, and include lots of jewels and glittery accents that evoke a boho type of glam. Slip into one of these dresses and get ready to make a dramatic entrance with all eyes on you!

Beaded Patterns

Homecoming Dress - Neutral Beading

Long, beaded gowns in neutral hues, like the ones worn by Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala this year, are all the rage right now. PreVue Formal and Bridal has several examples of this. In a design by Sherri Hill, a long ivory gown reveals a subtle amount of skin underneath the dress. Another style by Sheri Hill comes in a nude hue with a figure hugging beaded gown and a small train that flows elegantly behind you. With glittery accents from head to toe, you’ll be sure to inspire some Insta-worthy photos in both of these designs.

Top-Selling Short Dresses

Homecoming Dress - Short

If you’re one of the lucky girls to land on the exclusive squad of the homecoming court, you’ll be lucky enough to need two dresses. It is not uncommon for members of the homecoming court to have one long and elegant gown for the ceremonial grandeur, and then another short dress to party the night away on the dance floor. Here are three of our top-selling short cocktail dresses. This one, for instance: A sexy two-piece ensemble takes three trends and puts them into one fabulous dress: First, a sexy but understated bare midriff, second; beading, and third; fringe accents. Another short, beaded design has an open-back and beautiful fringed accents for a flirty sense of movement. For a blast of pure fun with a retro flare, check out this design: It has layers upon layers of beaded fringe that will have all eyes locked on you as you make your jaw dropping entrance.

Sleek & Satin

Homecoming Dress - Sleek

Beading and fringe aren’t the only hot trends in formalwear. Inspired by celebrity-filled awards shows such as the Oscars, sleek charmeuse satin is definitely taking over the red carpet. In this short design, a simple, flattering A-line style in a rich jewel tone gives you a pop of color and enhances your silhouette. Cameras will be sure to take notice of you in this fabulous dress, which features a supported, yet sexy neckline and a short A-line skirt. A third design with a higher neckline might be a good option for those looking for more coverage and classic glam.

Boho & Bell Sleeves

Homecoming Dress - Boho

For those fashionistas who want to make a statement with something different, several trends come to mind. Patterned dresses with chic boho beading are a trendy look on the award show circuit. Making its way to our homecoming girls, one of these dresses features a short design with colorful beaded patterns and spaghetti straps. Another example of the boho trend is a bell sleeve design with playful fringe and beaded accents. A style straight from the seventies, channel the not-so-subtle glamour of Cher in this striking sequin-covered dress in a flowing striped wave pattern—you have to have confidence to pull this one off! Another short design with the boho theme has a simple but elegant cut with colorful paisley patterns adorned with sequins. Get ready to shine bright like a diamond on the dance floor!

You could opt for a long, elegant beaded look, or go for a short and sexy number, but why choose? You can do both! Take a cue from the modern-day celebrity who has an elegant, long dress for the awards ceremony and a short, sexy, danceable dress for the after-party. In today’s social media-obsessed world, you MUST choose a dress that has major visual impact. For the ultimate wow factor, this season’s fashion obsessions and unique style options will set you apart on the homecoming court and at the homecoming dance. From the runway to the awards shows to homecoming, be ready to take crowds attention with these daring and elegant looks.

Speechless in Cabo with Enzoani

Ready to turn heads? Then you’re going to want to keep reading! We just got back from a quick trip to Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico where we joined KC Lin and crew for an exclusive first look at the 2019 Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani, and Beautiful Bridal collections. It was pretty much the ultimate two-day vacay, and we want to tell you all about it!

Speechless in Cabo with Enzoani

When we got the exclusive invite asking whether we wanted to attend the multi-day reveal, we easily replied “we do!” Attending an event that paired the amazing natural beauty of Cabo with the carefully crafted glamour of Enzoani’s latest gowns is a dream getaway! As you will see, we were not disappointed. Having seen images of the dresses beforehand, we were already smitten, but there’s something about seeing them in person, modeled against a backdrop of sand and surf, that was just truly incredible.

Plus, we felt lucky to be there to bring the latest styles back to our brides first! PreVue was one of the few selected retailers invited to attend – and to get early access to the line, which means that you can stop by PreVue now and see these gowns right here earlier than the retail release date!

Want to know more? How could you not! We fell in love with the 2019 Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani, and Beautiful Bridal collections as soon as we saw them, and we think you will, too.

Day 1: The Perfect Reveal

When we arrived, we discovered that Cabo is just as beautiful in person as it is in pictures. If you have a chance to go, all we can say is definitely do it. We kicked back at the resort with some of the other guests until we got the word that it was time to party. To get into the spirit, we put on our resort whites and made our way down to the lawn for what we discovered would be an open air premiere with the brilliant blue ocean as a natural backdrop. Picture this… A smooth white runway laid out on bright green grass under the Cabo sunset and models gliding down it in a highlight reel of gowns that were clearly designed to leave us speechless.



Each dress that hit the runway was unique, fashion forward, and drop dead gorgeous. As for what we saw, the short answer is details, details, and more details. We’re talking crazy complicated lace, the sexiest cutouts, statement trains to die for, thigh high slits, and plunging necklines that will thrill your spouse-to-be. But the cool thing is how all of these amped up embellishments were paired with classic silhouettes so you never have to worry about being too extra on your wedding day.



As if the sunset fashion show wasn’t enough of a wow factor for the guests, Enzoani turned the whole event into a killer party under the Los Cabos stars.

Day 2: These Dresses are Everything

When day two of our epic mini getaway dawned, we were beyond excited. This was the day we were going to not only see the rest of the collections, but also see all of KC Lin’s creations up close! It started with yet another runway show, this time indoors, followed by a fun hands-on session with all of the gowns from the three collections. There was so much to see, we could probably have spent a week poring over these daring dresses! But what really stood out on the second day was how all of the gowns moved on the models.

Speechless in Cabo with Enzoani

Structure and fit are important to every bride. Stiffness is a deal breaker for brides who want to have fun, but there was none in these dresses. Instead, we saw lightweight, sheer fabrics that were supported by an amazing body-contouring inner lining designed to keep everything in place no matter how hard you plan to hit the dance floor at your reception. It’s like a bride’s little secret!

Speechless in Cabo with Enzoani

We saw stunning gowns with the perfect fit and couldn’t wait to place our orders! But all good things must come to an end, and Enzoani closed out the preview event with dinner, drinks, and so much dancing – the perfect ending to an extraordinary show.

Are You Ready to Find The One?

If we had to sum it up, we’d say that the 2019 Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani and Beautiful Bridal collections are a little bit over-the-top in the best possible way. Where else can you find ultra femme soft sequined tulle matched with side cutouts or décolletage that dips all the way down? Or modest sleeves on a gown that sizzles thanks to sheer peekaboo floral lace? It’s sweetness paired with sass in just about every dress. Any one of them could be THE one!

Of course, there’s only one way to find out if you’ll love the collections as much as we do, and that’s by visiting us to check out these amazing Enzoani gowns. Can’t wait to see you!