Prevue Instagram Hits 100k!

Last month Prevue Instagram hit 100k followers and we couldn’t be more thankful to all of you for the love over the years! This milestone is one of many to come and motivates us to let the creativity flow by keeping our content fresh with the hottest new dresses daily. Social media has let us connect with girls across the country and help them be the best dressed at all of their events. Our favorite part of Instagram? Picture perfect photos sliding into our DMs from customers who rocked their gowns at prom, on stage, on the red carpet, or our all time favorite: bombshell brides walking down the aisle. Whether it’s a last minute date night or your one and only Big Day, we are so happy to have helped you find the perfect dress for your occasion. 

Pageant love on Prevue Instagram: Cinderella dreams can come true at Prevue. The sprinkle sequins let you sparkle from all angels to feel like a real life princess. The angelic cape softly flows behind as you make your entrance but the all over sparkle and high slit brings the drama for the jaw dropping first impression. This gown is a Sherri Hill recreation of one of her amazing Sherri Hill Couture gowns that won national titles on stages across the United States. While the original Couture was available in a very small select number of stores, including Prevue, this version in her Spring 2020 line is under $998 allowing more girls to say Yes! to this winning gown. 

All that glitters is GOLD. These gowns may not be available in the color gold but this photo is Instagram gold for Prevue. Sherri Hill did it again with the glitter fabric, lace up back, pockets, and dare to be bare high slit. All of these elements combined into one gown has created what we consider, Prom Perfection. Our followers showed love on this photo with likes over 12k and fire comments supporting this shot. Prevue’s reason to dub this our favorite photo? This is our top selling gown on our very own Team Prevue prom consultants who look gorgeous on camera.

POWER MOVE. The beauty of Instagram is that we have no control over what our followers will love. What we have learned from trial and error: RED is always the right answer. This leaf lace has been the top selling fabric in Sherri Hill’s Spring line over the past few years and adding red to the color wheel just broke Prevue Instagram. Coming in at 148 comments and over 14.5k likes, this is our best post of the year. Red is the color for any occasion: pageant, prom, military ball, holiday, engagement party. From a simple little red dress for homecoming to taking home the Miss USA crown, red will always make you stand out in a crowd. There’s no doubt the Instagram guru’s knew what they were doing when they gave us the dancing lady emoji wearing a red dress. 

The biggest take away for those of you starting a fashion Instagram or a start up business: stay humble. You will be wrong 99% of the time as to what will have the highest likes. Here is what we have learned over the years as we have built our momentum and created a loyal following: post the photo, it does not have to match perfectly because variety speaks to more people, be fluid and recreate photos that worked for you in the past, and most importantly you need to show you are human. 

The Prevue Team thanks every single one of you for every single like and comment. The second it takes for you to show love boosts our motivation to seek out new background, new photo ops, and most importantly NEW HOT DRESSES. 

With so much love.

XOXO, The Prevue Girls

Finding Your Perfect Pageant Dress for the Miss USA Pageant System

Selecting the perfect pageant dress can be a stressful process, but let Prevue make it an exciting and a smooth experience with our dream team of consultants! The Prevue team is known for creating custom pageant gowns and assisting girls in their dream to take home the crown. With over 30 years of experience in evening gowns, Prevue has dressed titleholders in many major state, national, and world pageants.

Prevue will personally guide you to the perfect gown for every level, in any pageant system. Knowing Prevue’s reputation for unique gowns and fashion forward styles, pageant contestants have traveled from all over the country to try on an exclusive collection of custom designs by Sherri Hill and Jovani. To give your look a finished touch, complete your style with gorgeous earrings by Stefanie Somers.

When doing research for your crowning pageant gown, you might want to consider a unique, yet winning look. You want to find a gown that can stun the judges but continues to portray your personality, so you are consistently yourself throughout pageant weekend. Always remember that feeling confident and beautiful in your pageant gown is far more important than any style trend or opinion of another person.

While you can’t outsmart the judges or other contestants, you can use your resources to find the perfect color, fabric, style, and accessories. Use guidelines as to what is trending in the pageant world and study the “top five” gowns in different states in your pageant system. Because of Prevue’s stature in the pageant world, pageant designers are constantly creating beautiful new custom pieces for Prevue, which means you’ll never have to worry about duplicates. The styles are always fashion forward and unique, yet classically elegant – a truly winning combination as shown by our successful titleholders!


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The personalized touch of Prevue’s appointments is a key part of choosing the right gown. When you schedule a one-on-one dress fitting, you will meet with Caitlin in our couture showroom that highlights exclusive styles and the most couture pieces in stock on the West Coast. Throughout the year, there are exciting opportunities at different times to schedule an appointment at the Sherri Hill Headquarters in Austin with Prevue. You can also book a private appointment at the pageant market held in Atlanta in January and August for designers such as Sherri Hill, Jovani, and MacDuggal. This kind of service is what leads Prevue’s customers to their dream of competing at nationals! The style and design experts at Prevue have years of experience helping pageant contestants choose winning gowns and we are ready to help you on your journey to the crown.


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If you are competing in California, Prevue is the Official Evening Gown Sponsor for both the Miss CA and Miss Teen CA USA pageant. We provide the state titleholders with their gowns for the national pageant as well as appearance gowns and cocktail dresses for every event in their busy schedule throughout the year. Prevue will also personally accompany the state titleholders to their gown appointment for nationals with Sherri Hill. While at the Sherri Hill showroom in Austin, Texas, the Miss CA titleholders will have their gowns custom sketched for the national pageants. Winners will also have the opportunity to model for Prevue throughout the year and have been booked for Sherri Hill’s exclusive New York Fashion Week runway show through Prevue. You will also get an exclusive invite to attend the Miss Universe Watch Party hosted by Sherri Hill in Austin, Texas. If you are considering competing in California, you don’t want to miss your chance at this amazing opportunity!


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Prevue’s favorite design guru, Sherri Hill, is renowned throughout the pageant world for show stopping, high fashion designs. During New York Fashion Week, the Sherri Hill runway show is THE place to find the hottest trends in pageant wear. These gowns offer a glimpse into red carpet styles that celebrities will wear to awards shows and formal events. Sherri Hill designs are sold at a very limited number of stores around the country, and Prevue is very proud to be one of those exclusive venues to showcase these gorgeous gowns. Prevue is the largest store offering the Sherri Hill Couture line, and the only one on the West Coast. This hugely successful partnership between Sherri Hill and Prevue has seen a large number of winners at Miss USA, Miss America, Miss United States, and International Junior Miss, just to name a few.

Whether this is your first pageant or you have been visiting the team Prevue for years, you are probably feeling the pressure to pick the perfect dress! Prevue is here to help and guide you through this process, which puts you in a much better position to make the right choice. For the winning combination of stunning designs, fabulous accessories, and a special touch of personalized advice and service, look no further than Prevue. We truly understand the pageant system when it comes to gowns, and we will be with you every step of the way on the journey to win your next pageant. Make an appointment today to shop our selection!